Labor-Only Services

"Back to the basics"

When purchasing our labor-only services, you can feel confident knowing we are the best for the job. TitanMovers was founded on labor-only services, so we can assure you we have been through it all. We know the ins-n-outs of labor-only moving services, and we do our best to bring all of the tools and equipment we may need to successfully handle your move. You are expected to provide: a truck, & moving blankets/furniture protection. We provide: a dolly, basic tools, and 1x roll moving stretch wrap. We will load or unload your truck if you are moving out of state, or a couple hours away and only need us at one leg of your move. Our labor-only services are also perfect for moving items around the house or within the yard. When you need moving help, Give TitanMovers of Destin a call to have the Best Labor Only Movers in FL load or unload your moving truck!

Here's what we reccomend:

Remember: We require a 2 Hour Minimum per location!

Studio - 1 Bedroom

Truck Size: 10-15Ft

Movers: 2

Est. Load Time: 1-2 Hours (w/o obstacle)

Est. Unload Time: 1-2 Hours (w/o obstacle)

Both: 2-4 Hours

2 Bedroom

Truck Size: 15-17Ft

Movers: 2

Est. Load Time: 2-3Hours (w/o obstacle)

Est. Unload Time: 1-2 Hours (w/o obstacle)

Both: 3-5 Hours

3 Bedroom

Truck Size: 20-26Ft

Movers: 3

Est. Load Time: 2-4Hours (w/o obstacle)

Est. Unload Time: 2-3 Hours (w/o obstacle)

Both: 5-8 Hours

Do you have Items over 200lbs?

Requires at least 3 person booking.

*May include but not limited to: Gun Safe, Weight set, Washer, Ob-long dresser, difficult to maneuver items.

Do you have stairs?

Expect and plan for at least an additional hour per flight of stairs.

Do you have a long-carry?

Expect and plan for at least an additional hour per 20 yards of carry.

4-5 Bedroom

Truck Size: 26Ft

Movers: 3-4

Est. Load Time: 4-5 Hours (w/o obstacle)

Est. Unload Time: 3-4 Hours (w/o obstacle)

Both: 5-8 Hours

We cover all areas within 100 Miles of our office location in Pensacola, FL. 110 E Nine Mile Road, Office 2, Pensacola, FL 32534.

This includes: Cantonment FL, Milton FL, Pensacola FL, Destin FL, Crestview FL, Niceville FL, Fort Walton Beach FL, Freeport FL, Panama City FL, Navarre FL. and more.

Areas We Cover
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